How to Pay

  • Paypal Pay

pay account: After paying,please tell me your transaction ID or your paypal email.

First Name : SakaLast Name : Wijaya

Postcode : 11620

Address : Taman Meruya Ilir A13 No 15, Meruya Utara, Kembangan, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Tel: +628158224448

      • After you have paid, Please let me know the info you have provided and received from Bank, like below :
From Country:Currency:Amount:MTCN:

First Name :

Last Name :


  • Direct Bank
    • This Type payment only valid only for User that Buy from Indonesia area. We have 2 account :

      Bank Central Asia

      Account Name     : Sakawijaya

      Account Number : 2872267396



      Mandiri Bank

      Account Name : Sakawijaya

      Account Number : 117-00-0458105-4


If you want buys our product please contact us directly. our Online Store not availble yet for Transaction. Only Available on Indonesia Area